Anna here.

How on earth did I get my eyebrow to bend that way in the cover photo?

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.31.24 PM

It doesn’t matter, that isn’t what this post is about. What this post is about is Erin Érin. This post is kind of like my “response” to Érin’s intro of us as the The Three Arrows.

I think she thinks she’s gonna get away without a description, but she may have forgotten that she gave me the password to this. And to her Password Journal (TM). So there’s no hope now.

Erin is one of those people that shows up at midnight when you text her to bring the jellybeans without question. Not that I’ve ever texted her that… but you get the point.

That IS the time I remember us becoming friends, Érin, the time at Caribou coffee–except I remember us sitting at high tables, not the couches (nuance). And I LOVED that night when I finally introduced you and Megan. It filled my heart. All seemed to be right with the world…

And can I just say, it isn’t always the easiest thing ever livin’ this life that seems to get challenging at the most unexpected times, and having the best friends ever (that always remind you that nothing really matters but Jesus) really does make it a sweet journey? (Pause here for the Full House theme) I can. Because this is my blogpost, and you literally can’t stop me. Well maybe Érin and Megan can, but they won’t.

But that isn’t what this post is about. This post is about Erin Érin. Érin is one of the most spontaneous people I know, in the truest sense of the term. The last time I texted her that I needed a friend, she literally drove 1.5 hours on a dime to come and eat dinner with me at the best town diner in a small IL town you could ever imagine. They serve this incredible cake that we call “The Freak Out Cake…” I drew a picture of it for future reference (you can find that photo here).


But the best part was before the cake when the waitress came around for our drink orders, and Érin asked for a “Hot tea. No, actually, well, yeah make it a double.” [Waitress looks at her quizzically and then brings her a double in the truest sense of the term…]


I live in Illinois. In a small town where when you ask for a double hot tea, you’d better believe you’re about to be served two of those adorable little personal-sized kettles filled with piping hot water. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about Érin, and how incredibly witty her humor is.

Érin’s also really normal, too. This is one of her goodest qualities. You can read more about her normal in this direct quote from her, right here:

So at work today I forgot the alarm code to the building and freaked the UPS man out, AND I realized my shirt was inside out. #notadult

That quote, and being friends with Erin and Megan make me know that growing up is okay. And we’re gonna get it one day.

At the very least, we look good. I mean, look at us on Halloween last year:


(I’m the princess, Érin’s the farmer, and Megan must have called a thousand times).

All I can say is that these gals know what Ohana means, and that’s what matters.

End scene. (Crap, this post was only kind of about Érin. MEGAN, BAIL ME OUT!!!!!)


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