There really aren’t tie-ins here.

This post is about the dogs. No, not those dogs. It’s about these dogs:


These are the GOON PUPS

Aslan over there is the beautiful blonde. He galumphs towards anywhere wherever he’s going, and he’s always beautiful.

Hugh Jackman, or JAX, is the one on the left. What a cutie. He’s a spritely dog, that’s how I’ll describe him.

Then, there’s Otis…


Just kidding. This is GIN. Which is short for Guinness. Which is short for Qui Gon Guinness.

Yep, Megan and Érin have their amazing dogs. But my dog is the best of all the dogs.

This is FLUBBY.


Ok, Flubbyy’s not really my dog… only kind of. I do call her “Flubby,” “The Pubuppy,” “The Goon Pup,” and “The Chi-pug-wa…” All in good fun.

But for real, here’s my dog:


Puppers. My most loyal pup.

Ok. Well, that’s about it. I just wanted to introduce the dogs. And to clarify that we may not be 3 Dogs North, but there are dogs here.


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